The Sun and the Moon have collided in Portland, bringing you a whole new way to indulge in what you love. Moonstruck Drinking Chocolate uses the same blend of European chocolates Moonstruck Master Chocolatier Julian Rose uses to make his exquisite confections. The chocolate is patiently blended into a silky ganache and mixed with Sunshine’s delicious, cold-crafted whole milk. Whether it’s cold, hot or an ingredient in your favorite recipe, it is a truly celestial Drinking Chocolate.

We have been providing Portland and Seattle with high quality, locally-made products for 80 years. Our cold-craft technique preserves the vitamins and nutrients that you need and we never over-process our products to extend their shelf life. The result is a sweeter, cleaner tasting milk that is as close to farm fresh as possible. Although you can enjoy the delicious taste of our milk on its own, it’s also ideal to use in recipes to ensure that there are no off flavors altering the taste of your food. That’s why pastry chefs, baristas and fine dining chefs prefer Sunshine.

Moonstruck Chocolate Company puts the same amount of care into their amazing confections. Their passion for quality and their local roots here in Portland made them the perfect partner for this collision of brands. For more information on Moonstruck click here.

What is the difference between Drinking Chocolate and chocolate milk?

Unlike regular chocolate milk, which is a cocoa powder flavored milk, Drinking Chocolate is made by melting down big hunks of chocolate and cocoa liquor (cacao) into a thick ganache and then blending that ganache with whole milk. One taste and it’s clear that this a premium chocolate experience.

Where does your chocolate come from?

We are sourcing the same chocolates from Europe, known for their premium quality, that Moonstruck’s Master Chocolatier Julian Rose uses to make his exquisite confections.

How is your Drinking Chocolate sweetened?

We sweeten our Drinking Chocolate with minimally processed, natural, unrefined cane sugar.

What are the health benefits of Drinking Chocolate?

Chocolate milk as a recovery drink after workouts is gaining popularity. It has double the carbohydrates of other options like plain milk, water or sports drinks. It contains water with a little sodium and sugar which help athletes retain the water and regain their energy. It’s also a good source of protein. Refueling this way is most recommended for high-endurance sports like swimming, cycling, rowing and running.

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