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Fresh. Local. Cold Crafted.

Go ahead. Drink it in. Let Sunshine’s legacy of fresh goodness quench you like nothing else can. After seven decades, we’ve perfected a unique Northwest flavor that captures the very best of this remarkable place.

We take every step to ensure that we are producing the highest quality, best tasting dairy products. Our cold crafted process may take longer, but it results in superior products. We’re one of the few willing to invest the time and patience this process requires. One taste , and you’ll know the difference – clean and fresh, never over processed.

We are also an Oregon Tilth certified organic processor. We package our milk in recyclable opaque white jugs and paper cartons; protecting milk from light prevents oxidations—so a glass of Sunshine milk has all of the nutrients you expect and the best flavor possible. We believe that natural is better. Our farmers agree and have pledged not to inject their cows with rBST, and they use no cloned cows for milk production.

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