Gallon milk just got better!

Our new white gallon jugs keep the oxidation
out and all the Vitamins and Flavor in!
As with our rBST free milk products, sustainability commitment, and our recycling efforts, the "light-protected" opaque gallon jugs are another declaration that we are naturally here for you.

Sunshine Dairy Foods

Just Got Better!

To be naturally here for you is the reason we are converting our clear plastic gallon containers to opaque white gallon jugs. Milk and nutrition go hand in hand, and we want to make sure we deliver all the essential vitamins, including Vitamin A, Riboflavin (B2), and Vitamin C, at their premium. Years of research have shown that the quality of milk in a regular plastic gallon container begins to degrade when exposed to the offending light emitted by flourescent light fixtures (i.e. supermarket dairy cases) as well as other natural sources of light (i.e. sunlight). The rapid light-induced oxidation not only diminishes the vitamin content, it also results in an off-flavor taste. Sunshine Dairy Foods, Inc. is undertaking the packaging improvement to become "light-protected" at no cost to our customers as our continued commitment to delivering freshness, naturalness, and quality. Look for our new white jugs in November. Any questions, please contact your sales rep at (503) 234-7526.


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