Our Quality

Sunshine Dairy Foods is honored as Quality Chekd's recipient of the 2009 Irving B. Weber Award for Total Quality! 


"This is a validation and pay off for our work every day.  Our employees are great, always willing to put in the extra effort.  Sunshine aspires to set ourselves apart from other dairies.  Our customers recognize that a quality company not only produces outstanding products and offers exceptional service, but that we also continue to improve our business in other ways.  By making environmentally responsible choices, supporting our community, and creating unique, local products that our customers want.  What a great opportunity to share the gamut of good things that all contribute to our quality." Doug Warrick, Sales Manager

The Weber Award, patterned after the Malcom Baldridge Award, is the highest honor for overall quality throughout the organization.  It is based on effective implementation of a quality focus in all areas from process and product to customer service and satisfaction.

At the 2009 Quality Chekd Leadership Conference, in addition to being named Weber Award winners, Sunshine brought home four Marketing Excellence Awards, Quality Excellence Awards for Cultured Dairy Products, and both Portland production facilities were recognized with Plant Assessment Excellence.  Additionally, our Natural Egg Nog was the tasters' favorite.  Sunshine Dairy Foods came home to Portland eager to share our enthusiasm and accomplishments with our employees and our community. 

Read the entire press release  here pdf .

Find out more about Quality Chekd here.

We are committed to providing the highest quality dairy products and delivery service.  Our involvement in each step of the process adds a level of quality commitment including our connection to family farmers, our own production facilities, our relationships with like-minded vendors and customers, and our own delivery fleet.  We take pride in our dedication to serving you the highest quality dairy products available, and we hope you’ll feel great about it too!

At Sunshine Dairy Foods our paperboard cartons and opaque white plastic jugs prevent oxidation, vitamin loss, and flavor degradation.

We want to make sure we deliver all the essential vitamins, including vitamin A, riboflavin (B2), and vitamin C at their premium. Research shows that the quality of milk in a regular plastic container begins to degrade when exposed to both natural and fluorescent light. The rapid light-induced oxidation not only diminishes the vitamin content, but it also results in an off-flavor taste that is noticeable in as little as two hours.

We choose to “light protect” our dairy products so that a glass of Sunshine Milk has all of the nutrients you expect, and the best flavor possible. 

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